Do You Believe?

A fun part of Sadasivanathaswami’s talk after the homa yesterday:

Two babies were in the womb of a pregnant woman.

The first one asks the other, -- “Do you believe in life after birth?”

-- Sure! There’s got to be something after birth. Maybe we’re here just to prepare ourselves for what we’ll be in the future.

-- Hummm, no. That’s nonsense! There’s no life after birth. What could such a life be like?

-- I don’t know exactly, but certainly at least brighter than in here. Maybe we’ll walk by ourselves, with our own feet… maybe we’ll even eat with our mouth!

-- Preposterous. Walking around freely, with our own feet, is impossible! And eating with our mouth… Ridiculous! Mouths are for making sounds, but food comes from our umbilical cordon. I’ll tell you something: life after birth is definitely impossible -- our umbilical cordon is too short, don’t you see?

-- There’s got to be something! May be it’s just a bit different than what we are used to experience in here…

-- Think about it: no one has ever came back after birth. Delivery just wraps up life -- this life that’s nothing more than a long and uncomfortable time in the darkness.

-- Well, I don’t know what will happen after birth, but certainly we’ll be with Mom and she will take care of us.

-- Mom???? So you believe in Mom? And where exactly is she supposed to be?

-- Where? Everywhere around us! It’s in her, and thru her, that we live. Without her nothing we know could exist.

-- I don’t believe it. I’ve never seen any “Mom”. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit Mom does not exist outside your imagination…

-- But sometimes, when we’re really quiet, we can hear her singing, feel a certain life rhythm as though she is dancing for joy and intuit a maternal caring all around us… You know, I think real life is ahead of us -- and this is just a preparation for it!…

11 Responses to “Do You Believe?”

  1. Sahana says:

    How smart! I love it, very precious!

  2. madhu says:

    hmmm, it just make sense! TQ Swami.. i could imagine myself in a womb.. and thinking.. the same thing 🙂 Aum Sivaya..

  3. Nalini says:

    Thank you Sadasivanathaswamiji .
    Really nice one!

  4. Anjali says:

    This is so beautiful! Thank you Swamiji.

  5. Ramesh Sivanathan says:

    The pysical universe, the Jagath, is the mother and all of us are in her womb, nurtured and taken care by her. Just as the child experiences the new world, the Bhuloka, the earth after the birth, we as a soul, would experience the inner worlds, the antarloka and Sivaloka after death. Paramacharya Sadasivanathasami has beautifully coined this message “Do you believe?” baby in the womb story.Very nice Swami..

  6. Ripla says:

    Funny and real nice one.. Thank you Swami ji!

  7. Nigel Siva says:

    Ganapathi Thunai.
    Thank You Sadasivanathaswami. This is an excellent way of presenting through analogy the concepts of God, the life on earth (as a preparation for moksha not as a permanent life), the after life (between successive reincarnations), especially to children. Replacing the words “birth” and “Mom” in Your story by “death” and “God,” respectively, children can easily connect with the Hindu philosophy. If one quiets the mind one can experience the all pervasive God. Thank You again for this wonderful analogy.

  8. Ravichandran Ceyon says:

    Prostration & Vanakam Swamiji.Brilliant!! TQ so much from the inner perspective! I’ll share will all…

  9. Panshula Ganeshan says:

    Thank you for sharing your superconscious gifts, Swami. I love your analogy.

  10. Kumaridevi says:

    I love it!

  11. Ushadevi says:

    Aum, Makes me want to say…I love you Mummy!

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