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Our First Hindu Game — DevaTrek Card Deck Released!

Himalayan Academy Publications is inspired to officially announce the release of our first Hindu game.The DevaTrek card deck has fun in store for both young and old -- the perfect gift for the holiday season. [A reminder about the slideshow controls: click the small icons on the bottom to see images in a light box, thumbnail gallery or full screen.]

[Order Your DevaTrek Deck Here. 30% off for the holiday season.]

The DevaTrek playing card deck contains twenty cards for yamas (guidelines for self-discipline) and twenty cards for niyamas (guidelines for spiritual observances) and two matching title cards with a web address. The card deck comes with instructions for playing four games that help children and adults alike learn and explore the yamas and niyamas.

Match Up is the common visual memory came that even little children can play. The cards are placed face down, players turn them over to reveal matches.
Catch and Match is another easy fun game for children, based on the luck of the draw, that is played like "Go Fish."
Getting to Know You uses the deck of cards to trigger stories from the real lives of the players.
Let's Make a Story is the classic centuries old game where players are challenged to create a story together. Even adults can have a creative, intriguing experience and at the same time have hilarious fun with "Let's Make a Story."

DevaTrek cards will be fun for the whole family while at the same time helping to instill positive values and virtues into the minds of the young. These character-building principles of Hinduism’s code of conduct hail from the 10,000-year-old ancient Hindu text called the Vedas. The yamas and niyamas are also well-known as the first two stages or limbs of ashtanga yoga (“eight-limbed yoga”).

[Order here.]

Hinduism Today Jan 2012 Issue Preview


The January 2012 issue is off to press. Watch for it's release on December 1st.

Our Agama page talks about where the various Deities should be placed in a village and what each one means.

In continuation of our coverage of our Hindu of the Year, 2011, we have this exclusive interview of the Shankarachariya of Sringeri

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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