The Guru Chronicles Artwork

As we proceed in the development of our new web site, we are preparing to present the various art collections that have been developed through the years. Here is a sneak preview of all of the art that was commissioned years ago for The Guru Chronicles book, and painted by S. Rajam. A note regarding our new slideshow method of presentation: We have upgraded the technology to allow us to send slideshows with many images and large detailed images to even those with slow internet connections. Only two images at a time are sent to you. Hopefully those of you who may have seen errors recently in some slideshows will see this problem go away. If you do see errors, please report them to "studyhall at"

Normally images are horizontal which is the natural way to hold a camera. In some cases we may have "portrait" (vertical) images. For these we are leaving them large and they are "cropped" and only show the center of the image in the slideshow window. You can use your mouse to move up and down. This is also the case if you go to fullscreen (lower right button). This allows you to examine details in the image or photo. This is marvelous for looking at Rajam art in particular which has fascinating details here and there in the painting. In the case of some art collections, they may all be vertical. To view the paintings in their full, un-cropped view, select the "Popout image" button on the lower right (second one in from the fullscreen button). Enjoy.

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