Pancha Ganapathi at Malaysia – Day One

Pancha Ganapathi celebration at Malaysia was held at the residence of devotees.

Ganesha Puja was a part of the celebration..

The organizing team was ready with games….

The young ones as well as the elders participated in the games…

The first team to complete the first portion of the puzzle…..

The family sadhana for the first day of Pancha Ganapati is to create a vibration of love and harmony among immediate family members. We set up a shrine at our homes for our beloved Ganesha….

The shrine is decorate with traditional symbols, rangoli, lamps and more….

The family sits together for the purpose of easing any strained relationships that have arisen during the year.

A grand puja is performed invoking the spirit of Pancha Ganapati in the home.

As the family writes on the doorstep, they pray for well being in the house…..Jai Ganapathi….

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