Sivagnanam Visits from Edmonton

T. Sivagnanam on pilgrimage from Edmonton, Canada. He is one of the founders of the Maha Ganapathy Temple Temple there. He worked very closely with Gurudeva who helped guide him and others in Edmonton as far back as 1978 before the temple was built. Today the temple is a spiritual powerhouse in the north. Here is the temple web site

And you can go here for a very good account of the early years of the temple from its inception to completion. it explains Gurudeva’s participation when, in 1978, Gurudeva sent a Ganesha murthi to the devotees:

Hawaii Sishya Help with Nursery Expansion

Potting work continues on Himalayan Acres. Here Chamundi Sabanathan (at the truck) and Ishani Alahan place one-gallon pots with small agave plants between the foxtail palms.

Durvasa Alahan puts some big agave in some big pots.

Ishani, Chamundi and Deva Seyon fill the one gallon pots with dirt, add two inches of wood chips and then a small agave plant. The plants are from the Aadheenam gardens where the agave grow abundantly.

We now have 300 one gallon plants and 300 one quart plants “cooking” in the nursery.

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