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Sanjai and Padma Priya Athi are returning after six or seven years. They live in northern California


Tina Desai from Canada is a Vratasishya in Saiva Siddhanta Church. She stopped by for a day while attending a conference in Honolulu with her husband.

Tina delivered this painting which her daughter Karishma sent as a gift. Karishma is at university in Canada and attended our Kauai Innersearch last July with her mother.

Venkat and Vishu Sreenivasan with their frisky daughter Aadhya are visiting Kauai for the first time from Chicago. They are good friends of our Himalayan Academy formal Master Course students Gaurav and Ripla Malhotra.

They discussed raising their children as good Hindus.

Athi and Sreenivasan couples visited Iraivan Temple together

then Dakshinamurthy afterwards

Word of the Day

Tour Day

Yesterday was Public Tour Day for this phase, the first one after Sadhu Paksha and it was packed.

Bodhinatha’s relentless service is such an example. After the tour he patiently answers many questions for our guests.

A glorious site awaits those who secure a reservation for the public tour.

Many bright souls came to see and hear about the amazing monks of Kauai Aadheenam. We caught 63 in this photo but many more came and went during the morning.

We had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Larry Magnussen M.D. When he was young and just out of Medical School he volunteered to serve overseas in India at a Hospital for Leprosy. He ended up staying for five years working with many Hindu Doctors. He made life long friends and continues his service in India now that he is retired. He worked in Hawaii as a doctor for Queens Medical Hospital for many years.

One of our near neighbors, Faith Spina, on the right, who lives high on the mountain behind us and can see our Ritau Flag Flying from her balcony. “I just had to come, I knew this was a special place. It is truly overwhelming! Her friend is Giovama Gomez, with her little son Liam.

Sheetal and Hansalia originally from Kochi, Kerala in India, now living in San Jose are here with their two sons. Their home village is tropical very similar to Kauai. His father started a huge business beginning with one simple pepper tree and is now one of the largest pepper exporters to the United States. He kept looking for Pepper trees all through the tour!

In the minimela Shakti Mahadevan is assisting Isani Alahan behind the counter.

Sales of Rudraksha beads are never failing. Picked, cleaned and made into jewelry or single beads by the Wailua Mission members, the proceeds from purchase go back to Iraivan. The Wailua Mission Rudraksha fund raising initiative has turned out to be one of the top donors to Iraivan!

Nandi Mandapam Carving Progress in India

I have attached a few more photos on the Nandi Mandapam carving progress.

Selvanathan Sthapati is here explaining some drawing details of the Yesti — Segar Sthapati is looking on.


Selvanathan Sthapati is working on designs for the water sprout (gomukai) for the nandi mandapam.

Selvanathan Sthapati shares some of the intricacies with Segar Sthapati and Senthilathiban Rajasankara

Segar Sthapati’s has begun work on the full actual life-sized drawing of the yesti. This magnificently carved stone will on both sides between the steps leading to the sanctum.

Details for the front and side elevations of the magaram which will be carved on the vyalan vari — the course above the sunshade.

Sri Lanka Mission – Honoring Our Elders

Rajeswary Ramalingam, the oldest person in the Sivapoomi Elderly Home, celebrated her 99th birthday on the 5th of January. The Kottam children organized a special birthday party for her.

They received her with flower garlands and she cut her birthday cake. The children entertained her and other guests with some cultural events.

All the children and adults received blessings from her. We are looking forward to honoring her century birthday next year.

Even though she is the oldest resident, she is still active and kind, helping and encouraging others.

It is our duty to honor and appreciate the elderly. As our beloved Gurudeva says, “Old and grey but here to stay.” We are sure that Gurudeva is smiling from the inner worlds.

Aum shanti

Rishi Thondunathan

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