Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-04-21

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Manickam Family with Bodhinatha

Manickam family-- Sishyas Rajkumar, Ananda and daughter Saroja Devi are here on pilgrimage from Colorado.

Saroja’s father Rajkumar took a photo of her, which she then uploaded onto the SSC website as her new personal profile photo.

Before the Manickam family met with Bodhinatha, their daughter Saroja logged in to our new private Saiva Siddhanta Church website to take a tour and learn how to upload images. Dasan, Shakti and Chudika Mahadevan joined in.

Tour Day Filled with Visitors

Beautiful clear skies on a warm spring day brought more eager souls to investigate the wonderments of Kauai Aadheenam.

Very special guests today: T.S.Seshadai and his large extended family from Maryland. A long history with the Aadheenam through both Gurudeva and Bodhinatha he is the former President at the Murugan Temple of North America. His family was a delight to have on the tour.

Mr. and Mrs. Gupta from Texas with their precious little one Nayan

After the tour at the Minimela… a line up for Bodhinatha’s blessing and signature on books today.

Both computers in action at our very busy Minimela with Kulamata Amala Seyon (left), Saroja Devi Manickam (center) on pilgrimage from Colorado helping out and Kulamata Valli Alahan on the right.

Michael Wasylkiw (bottom right), Michael Kempinski (middle) and Steven Cohen are all from the East Coast. They pooled their funds to sponser a stone for Iraivan! So impressed with his meeting with Bodinatha several months ago, Michael Wasylkiw, came back to purchase the Trilogy and sign up for a formal study of the Master Course. He works on Wall Street.

The extended family of T.S. Seshadai, with Satish and Rajasree up front

Satsang at Adi Sankara's home in Mauritius on 7 April 2011

Anjeeni Devi (host) gave her testimony about "seeing Siva in everyone".

We felt so much joy to host the satsang in our home.Jai our Paramagurus ! Jai our Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami!

Explanation of our Trilogy is an essential part of our satsang. Here Kulapathi Manon talked about a lesson in MWS.

After the Padapuja,everyone present experienced a powerful magnetic Homa with the "Dancing Mayil Fire".

Little Omvathi and Vennila in a happy mood throughout the satsang…

Brahmachari Vel mahalingum performed tha "silent" Padapuja.

We all sung beautifully our Natchintanai songs which are real gems…

After partaking a nice meals,our men continued discussing about the progress and upliftment of our Spiritual park.

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