Darshan with Bodhinatha

The Mahadevan family is here on pilgrimage and met with Bodhinatha today. Appa Dasan, Amma Shakti and daughter Chudika. From San Diego.

Shailesh Trivedi is also here from South California. Shailesh is studying the Master Course.

Checking on Gurudeva's Statue

Our two paramacharyas, Sadasivanatha Palaniswami and Sivanatha Ceyonswami, ventured to the town of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii today to meet with sculptress Holly Young. Holly is near the final stages of tweaking the wax model of Gurudeva later to be cast in metal. Our paramacharyas are there to check in on the last fine details to make sure they are accurate.

To remind all, this sculpture of Gurudeva is of him explaining his early morning three-fold vision of Lord Siva to Dr. V. Ganapathy Sthapathi, of whom a bronze facsimile will also be crated. They both will be placed in a spot called “Temple Builders’ Memorial” our near San Marga Iraivan Temple along with other bronzes of silpis carving the temple. All pieces are life-size.

Word of the Day

Speaking of Lord Ganesha

Today we share this lovely snapshot from the home shrine of Nandikesh Chandrashekharan, a Master Course student on the US West coast well on his way to becoming a formal sishya. Congratulations on keeping a clean, actinic shrine Nandikesh.

Our Lord Ganesha is well known for being the master of all siddhis, Varasiddhi Vinayagar, possessing the ability to manage the uncountable, intricate karmas of every single being that has existed, presently exists and will exist in the future. Mushika displays Lord Ganesha’s prowess in performing this function. Lord Ganesha is so massive and stabilizing, having the form of earth’s largest land animal the elephant, gently guiding devotees on the path with His goad steering them either towards or away from any number of thoughts, experiences, and behaviors. Yet, all the while, Mushika is earth’s smallest mammal, the shrew. Ganesha’s Mushika allows Him to enter every minuscule crevasse, nook, and cranny in the minds of devotees, clearing out the cobwebs of unsavory karmas and leaving behind a new mind, a new person. All you have to do is approach Him with love and sincerity in your heart, and He will work his magical siddhis on you. Aum Sri Siddhidayakaya Namah!

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