Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-04-09

  • Saw this sign in a cafe in the quaint mountain town of Fort Davis. This is not where the West begins. This is the West! #
  • Wonderful visit to the mile-high observatory in the Davis Mountains last night. Viewed Saturn, Moon, Pleiades, Orion nebula. #
  • The Master Course (Der Meisterkurs) by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami is being translated into German here. #
  • Here is a web album of Bodhinatha's recent visit to Shreveport, Louisiana. Many great photos we couldn't take! #
  • જ્યારે બાળકો હિન્દુ ધર્મ અપનાવે ત્યારે -- Latest @HinduismToday "Publisher's Desk" editorial in Gujarati! #
  • Lunch at the home of Dr. Shroff #
  • Both newspapers in Midland-Odessa carried prominent articles on the interfaith event #
  • Bodhinatha has begun his seminar in Midland, Texas: Incorporating Hinduism into Daily Life. #
  • Forty-six people are attending the seminar in Midland--twice the expected attendance! #
  • Part two of the seminar begins. #
  • On the way to the home of the Drs. Tolia in Midland for dinner #
  • Another newspaper report on the interfaith event in Midland, Texas #
  • For those who are seeing these tweets summarized on TAKA, it appears that the pictures are not showing. Click the "" links to see them. #

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Mayuran Sokkan Received His Namakarana Samskara

Brahmachari Mayuran Sokkan has a good Saiva karma to be sure! He is living in Texas but made a special connection with the Tamil community after a pilgrimage to Toronto last year. He went back to the Sri Varasithi Vinayagar Hindu temple on April 7th, 2011. Riccardo Morano was transformed to become Mayuran Sookan under the auspicious of one of the high priests of the Sri Lankan Tamil community. Vignesh Markandu, who helped facilitate Mayuran time in Toronto writes:

” I have sent pictures from Mayuran Sokkan’s Namakarana Samskara.
It went all according to the Hindu ways at Sri Varasithi Vinaayagar Hindu Temple on April 7th, 2011.
The priest to formally sign and conduct the ceremony was Dr. Somaskanda Kurukal. It was a very successful event. The priest also gave an interview about the event to the Geethavani Tamil Radio station in Toronto.”

Mayuran has already taken Aspirant vows and will be arriving at the Aadheenam tomorrow to begin his monastic training. Welcome a new soul to our Saiva Hindu Family!

End of Phase – Amaryllis Blooms

It’s the end of our 6-day phase. This amaryllis which was planted outside the Siddhidata Kulam office is happy with spring and just bloomed. We will see this for just ten days each year.

Tomorrow Bodhinatha will complete the 17th of his 17 presentations made on this mission and be returning home on the second day of our retreat.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Tuesday, April 12th.

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