Sun Three

Bodhinatha is just 36 hours away from departure for his trip to Malaysia and Singapore. At home, spring is moving towards summer and flowers are blooming everywhere!

Andre Goes Home to Brasil

After a very productive stay, Andre Garzia left for his long 2-day trip back to Niteroi, Brasil. Before leaving he had a chance to talk with Bodhinatha. Andre’s work is very much a result of Bodhinatha’s initiative to make all our publications more accessible and available for study.

Andre says he loves Kauai and “as long as there are planes or boats I will be back…”

Gurudeva Alive and Well Within

We are upgrading some old slideshows. And we have this wonderful series that will bring Gurudeva back to life you for a while. Click here to see the images from Gurudeva’s Visions book. You can click on the image in the slideshow to fill your browser screen.

Satish Family Visits Again

Satish, Usha and Akhila family from New York visited again to see some more areas of the grounds up close.

Enjoying the sereneness of Wailua river up close, blending with nature. They also have a stream in their back yard at home. They know about the “Ganga Sadhana” described in Merging with Siva

Releasing burdens and cares into the rudraksha tree

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