His Holiness Sri Sri Jeyendra Puri Mahaswamiji Continues His Journey

This morning Mahaswamiji and his team pack up all their things, loaded the cars and then came to the Aadheenam for a last goodbye before driving off to the airport.

Mahaswamiji first came to Kadavul and personally put a garland on Lord Nataraja and did an arati, then came to the Guru Peetham to say good bye to Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

These past four days have been a joyous satsang and an awesome spiritually uplifting experience to have this confluence of our two lineages. Mahaswamiji and his traveling team are in love with Kauai and had a good break before moving on the their rigorous travel schedule in the months ahead that take them to San Franscisco, then Dallas, other points in the US then off to UK.

Thank you Mahaswamiji for all the blessings you brought with your from our beloved India and for your wisdom and spiritual light!

Malaysia Activities April Round up

Our Malaysia members have been very active and Kulapati Dhasan sends us some photos from the month of April.

Here we are at Basic Hinduism classes conducted by Kulapati Dhasan and his wife Kulamata, Lalitha.

“Please sit up children!”

(children:) “No ! No ! We will take our own comfortable” position!

“That’s okay! Good! Let’s proceed. First lesson on Gopuram.”

Saiva Siddhanta Church members helped Mr. and Mrs. Rajachandran to distribut free copies of “What is Hinduism” to the public at the Adi Ishwaran Sivan temple, in Sentul, Kuala Lumpure

We had Sivayogaswami mahasamadhi prayers in Yoga-Villa home Kajang. Members from Kuala Lumpur and Kajang gathered for satsang.

Devotee getting blessing from Siva Yogaswami and his personal walking stick.We were very fortunate to touch his walking stick.

It is an honor to our beloved Gurudeva Sivaya Subramuniyaswami and Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami for Saiva Siddhanta Church mission members to be invited earch year to participate in Siva Yogaswami maha samadhi prayers hosted by Dr.Thilagavathy Alagaratnam family at the Scott Road Skandaswami Temple.

Saiva Siddhanta Church members sing Siva Yogaswamigal’s Natchintanai songs.

Sevagar Dhasan Sivananda is giving a brief speech of Siva Yogaswami.

Prasadam served to deities.

Noon prayers conducted by temple priest.

On April 30th, the mission conducted pada puja and satsang at the Iraivan Illam in Klang.

Komaldeva Sivananda and Jhanarthanan are playing mridangam for Natchintanai songs.

A coordination discussion among members on Bodhinathas coming seminars and retreat events.

Ganesha May 2011 Homa- Spiritual Park Mauritius

The May 2011 Ganesha Homa drew its crowd of devotees. Each time there are a few more coming than the previous month. Early morning the road leading to the Park is animated with loving devotees walking down to worship Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati!

We had devotees from as far as from Hawaii in the Pacific ocean.

Four kulapatis as usual officiated the ceremony .

As usual a very dedicated group…

Kulamata Alahan from Hawaii, giving a testimony about how great Gurudeva's vision was in creating the Spiritual Park of Mauritius. She appreciates the good work going on at the Park.

The talk of the day by Kulapati Siven Koothan was on the need of religioius education.

The waterfront now has become a lovely promenade where one can enjoy a beautiful sea view and the cool ocean breeze.

A few devotees are also worshipping near the water's edge as they do at Ganga Talao, the sacred lake of Mauritius, by making offerings into the river itself

Our Narmada Lingam is another center of worship. So many flowers and smoke from incense sticks that one can barely see the Sivalingam!

Worship at the small Ganapati Shrine…

The little pond below the Ganesha Bridge

Jai Ganapati!

Our long time disciples from Hawaii, Kulamata Isani Alahan and her daughter, Sitara surprised us with their short visit at the Spiritual Park for Ganesha Homa.

A family from Britain… Mrs Karuna second from left, said she was brought up in Sivayogaswami's house in Sri Lanka when she was a little girl. The lady, first on the left, said once Gurudeva had dinner at her residence in England. They are visitors at the Park for the first time.

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