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    Aerial photo of monastery sent to us today from a neighbor who loves the temple, with key places marked. #

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New Phase Begins

Today is Sun One of a short phase. Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami are home safe and sound.

What Monks Do On Retreats

On our retreat days, computers go silent and offices are empty and the monks are busy.

Gurudeva encouraged his monks to “be engaged. Even on retreats, you should be focused. If that means making a decision to take a nap, then take a nap. If you want to go wandering like a sadhu, then wander. But don’t just let your mind be aimlessly idle.”

The Siddhidata Kulam is renovating the room outside Bodhinatha’s office which will be their new home in the year to come. Budget restraints mean that they are going to do 90% of the work themselves on their “day off.” Each Guha day morning the team gathers. First order of business: strip the old carpets out and remove old wall board. Get out all the debris, and clean it all up. Then re-install all the wiring and this time up to code standards!…

Muruganathaswami specializes in Begonia plants and has become adapt at using our Caterpillar Skid steer. Here he has moved some plants from one location to another.

Each year the annual Polihale Camp out arrives. Sivakatirswami spent time over the last few months, cutting and splitting firewood, stacking to dry. Now he loads it into bins ready to take to Polihale beach — “edge of the world” where the monks will live on the beach and cook on an open fire for three days.

The blue gum was really hard to split, very heavy and will burn long and hot!

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami is working on preparing a new area for planting with our small track hoe.

Out at San Marga, Acharya Kumarnathaswami and Kulapati Deva Rajan at work on the roofs of Siva Darshanam Vanam displays.

Ganesha June 2011 Homa- Spiritual Park Mauritius

Jai Ganapati! We are happy to share a few photos of Ganesha Homa for the month of June 2011 at the Spiritual Park.

Devotees always look forward with deep love and faith for this monthly religious event…

Every space around the Mandapam accommodates devotees.

At the other side of the left hand railing going up the Mandapam…

Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati always look majestic on such events!

Always adorned with local and imported flowers and garlands lovingly offered by devotees.

The sacred flames consume hundreds of written prayers.

Kulapati Kulagan, Nanda Thungavelloo and Adi Sankaraleading the bajans…

One devotee receiving a present on behalf of the Spiritual Park. Our kind gentlleman has been restoring the thatched roof of the Ganesha Mandapam as a seva. This was a delicate job professionally done using dry sugar cane leaves. Thank you!

Near the pond…

Offerings at the small Ganesha shrine.

A view of the crowd from the small Ganesha Shrine.

Ananda and Logadassen helping at the HA Booth.

Newcomers discovering the waterfront.

Arati time… the final part of the ceremony. The whole crowd stands up. This is usually a very uplifting moment when a high spiritual vibration is felt by all those present.

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