Today is Sun 5 – We have a 2 day retreat ahead

We have a 2 day retreat ahead, so the next new posts will be on Sun1, June 24th.

Photos for "The Guru Chronicles" Continue

Senthilnathaswami is hard at work color correcting the digital photos for our new book The Guru Chronicles. We bring to you a few special gems for your viewing pleasure. Here Gurudeva offers arati to a Saivite Saint at Nallai Aadheenam at Nallur, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, during the 1982-1983 Innersearch.

January 17, 1982: Gurudeva’s first visit to the village of Kopay in Jaffna. Boys pulled him in a Morris Minor convertible. “Golden days with a golden guru,” says Rishi Thondunatha, one of the boys on the ropes.

Gurudeva reviewing plans for Iraivan Temple with Selvanathan Sthapati at the carving site in Bangalore.

Mystical Artwork

As promised we bring a few full sized samples of our newly digitized Rajam Art Collection. Born in 1919 in a musical family, S.Rajam was as brilliant a musician as he was an artist. He is held in very high esteem by those who know Carnatic music. His love for watercolor painting started when he was just a boy, and inventing his own style, has gone on to produce thousands of beautifully inspiring works of art.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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