Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-06-26

  • 11am in Soquel, CA: the West's only class elucidating the secrets of Agamas and Murtis, by Bodhinatha. #

  • Bodhinatha is welcomed by the Ajaya family. #
  • #
  • Honoring the tradition, a flame for the guest. #
  • Setting up for a pada puja to the satguru. #
  • Bodhinatha will spend the puja in samadhi. #
  • It is the one Kailasa Parampara guru: in deep merger with Siva, Maharishi Nandinatha to Gurudeva and Bodhinatha are one. #
  • #
  • Two mantra dikshas: Bodhinatha reveals the secret, rahasyam. #
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  • #
  • Arulshishya initiation for Dayavati and Thannalakshmi. #

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Bodhinatha's California Retreat Concludes

The last events of Bodhinatha’s retreat program in California were conducted today.

Everyone was very inspired by his presentations.

Yoginathaswami’s gave several classes on Sadasiva/Pancha Brahman, which is a core way of envisioning and communing with Lord Siva in Saiva Siddhanta, especially important for the understanding of the Siva Puja

The Land of the Medicine Buddha Retreat Center is a lovely place for these programs.

A final lunch gathering of all the participants.

Siva Puja's Secrets

Teaching the mystical truths of the Siva puja in California, Yoginathaswami leads the worship for the morning ceremony. All three worlds meet.

New Parking Areas in at Saiva Dharmasala in Mauritius

With huge number of devotees coming to events at our Saiva Siddhanta Church property in Mauritius, we have need to expand our parking facilities. At the far, east end of the property towards the ocean a new area has been opened up.

We also own some property across the road from the the Spiritual Park’s main eleven acre parcel. A old building was removed and more parking space created there.

Progress on The Guru Chronicles

Our book team is now in the final stages of preparing our upcoming book, The Guru Chronicles for the press. Final details being worked on at this stage include cover measurements based on a physical mock-up produced by our printer in Kuala Lumpur, checking all the layouts with the color-corrected artwork in place, applying for a Library of Congress Control Number, proofreading, finalizing the index and choosing a cover price. As promised, here is the front cover in its final form. Jai Ganesha!

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