Bodhinatha’s Retreat Completed

Bodhinatha writes:

June 5th

Om Sivaya, Everyone,

Jai Ganapati.

Jungle Lodge Retreat Third Day, morning only, Shanmuganathaswami and I each gave one morning class. Also the morning included a few outdoor activities and the final presentation of acknowledgements, awards and certificates. This was followed by Lunch at Arjunan Subramanian’s home and then a drive to the Pullman Hotel in Putrajaya. After a short rest we toured the nearby Putrajaya International Convention Center. It is on a knoll and from the bottom of the hill looks a bit like a spaceship. It has different types of rooms that hold 3,000 at a time such as an auditorium, convention style room and one that looks like the United Nations for governmental bodies. Also they have smaller rooms in the 100-200 person size range for smaller gatherings. At night it has an outstanding view of the surrounding city of Putrajaya.

Om Namasivaya,

Putrajaya International Convention Center

Erasenthiran and Subashini on Pilgrimage

Erasenthiran Poonjolai, his wife Subashini, son Naavalan, and mother are here on few days pilgrimage. Originally from Malaysia, the family is now settled in Arizona, USA.

Erasenthiran is a Dikshasishya of Saiva Siddhanta Church, and Subashini is a formal Himalayan Academy Master Course student on her way to becoming a formal sishya too. Erasenthiran was last here ten years ago; it’s the first visit for the others, a long dream come true.

Finally meeting the Svayambhu Lingam, where Gurudeva’s vision took place to being the Iraivan Temple project

Mayuran Scanning Scriptures

Brahmachari Mayuran is serving in the Ganapati Kulam for six weeks. He has been helping Arumugaswami with the work of making digital copies of the Agama books we have.

First he cuts off the spine of these books.

Then he runs the pages through our Xerox Photo copy machine which has the facility to turn these scans into PDF. Then you can put the books read the books easily on an iPad or eBook reader, if you know Devanagari and French of course. These are critical editions in our library produced by the French Institute of Indology in Pondicherry.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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