Bodhinatha, Initiations and Pada Puja in Chidambaram

We bring you auspicious images from the Center of the Universe, Chidambaram in South India. Here Bodhinatha gathers with the devotees at the East Gopuram entrance.

Upon arrival Bodhinatha was greeted by the Deekshitars with Purna Kumbha. According to the Deekshitar this type of formal greeting only done to Mathaadhipatis (Aadhenam Heads).

Then followed by coconut breaking for the entrance Ganesha deity.

Few of the silpis came all the way from Bangalore to be with Bodhinatha and monks

It was a high spiritual time for some of the devotees who have prepared for years for this moment of initiation. Bodhinatha gave Vishesha Diksha to a number of sishya who are now commissioned to do Siva Puja in their home everyday and move onto the inner path of Raja Yoga in their personal sadhanas. Here, from Singapore is Sambandan Umamaheswaran

Selvavathy Chelliah

Sarkunavathy Sockanathan

Thanaletchmi Umamaheswaran

Barathy Sockanathan

Here are few photos of the pada puja which was held earlier in the day at a nearby by hall--very close to the temple.

Picture of Gurudeva and the beautifully decorated Lord Nataraja

Great expression of devotion by all the sishya and other devotees. The entire event was coordinated by the Rajasankara clan and the ardent devotee of Aadheenam--Manickavel--who lives in Chidambaram town itself.

It was beautifully decorated by all the members and devotees that arrived from various countries--65 of them!

After the final arati a huge garland was placed on our Beloved Guru! Also with us and placing the garland is Veeragathiyar all the way from Germany.

Souvenir officially given to Bodhinatha. Beautifully made! Very rich with Gurudeva’s and Bodhinatha’s rare photos. It also contains many Maha vakkiams as well.
It contain Guru Puja format, Yogaswami’s photo and Natchintanai songs. It is One Stop book for Guru worship! Thank you Thuraisingam Rajasankara for putting hundreds of hours into this seva!

A special gift sponsored by the entire group presented to Bodhinatha. It was organized in such way that someone for different country is offering them. Maruthu Dharmalingam represents Malaysia

Dohadeva Shanmugam, Singapore.

Jiva and Kanmani Rajasankara, India.

Manon and Selvon Mardemootoo, Mauritius.

Everyone comes forward for vibhuti blessings

Stepping back in time, Sadhaka Nilakantha has completed a six-month sojourn in the world and joined the team in Singapore before flying off to India. Welcome back Sadhaka!

David Lemon from Adobe Visits the Media Lab

At home at the Aadheenam, today we enjoyed a visit from David Lemon, Senior Manager of Type Development at Adobe Systems, Inc., in San Jose, California. Adobe, the inventor of the Postscript language that originally allowed computers to send typographical and graphical information to printers and which remains important today as the language behind many computer fonts and the basis of their PDF standard, is one of the world’s largest and most respected type foundries. The monastery has been using Adobe typefaces in its publications for decades. An important contact for the monastery’s publications group, David engaged with us in worthwhile discussion today about many things typographical, opening doors for giving feedback and input that may help guide certain typefaces the company is working on.

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