Bodhinatha Is Home!

Bodhinatha is home and we now have a great series of images from India of Guru Purnima…

We have put it together as a slideshow so that we can include all of them.

Click here for Guru Purnima Chidambaram, Part I Click the small “i” icon to read captions.

Malaysia Devotees Celebrate Satguru Purnima

Malaysian devotees celebrated Satguru Purnima at Iraivan Illam last week..

Scenic look of chandanam abhishekam….

Tiruvadi covered with yogurt…

Stream of milk

Adorned with vibhuti

Unity of five elements. Pancha Arati

Seeking blessings…

Upadesha by Rishimata Valliammah on the significance of having a guru in ones life…

Meal is the moment enjoyed by all…mainly the bala shishyas…Jai Ganapati

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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