Meetings with Bodhinatha in Chennai

We continue with coverage of Bodhinatha’s last day in Chennai, July 17. Yoginathaswami reporting:

“After our visit to the Kaligambal temple we went to another event organized by Sivasri Pitchai Sivachariyar. In addition to being the head of Pillaiyarpatti Padasala he is also the head of another organization called Siva Neri Kalagam. This organization’s focus is teaching Saiva philosophy.

This year the Siva Neri Kalagam conducted a one day seminar for young priest about various esoterics of the Siva puja. Bodhinatha is chief guest and speaker. Bodhinatha was greeted by Purna Kumba with many priest chanting in the background.

Banner at the outside of the wall.

One of the swamis from Dharmapura Aadhenam, Tavathiru Kumaraswami Tambiram Swamigal, was also a guest speaker.

Sri Karpaga Vinayakar of Pillaiyarpatti presiding over the event.

Group photo

Bodhinatha, the monks and other speakers were given seat on the stage. Sivasri Somasekara Sivachariyar is to the left of Acharya Arumuganathaswami. Sivasri Arunasundara and Kartikeya Sivachariyars are to the right of Yoginathaswami.

The event was attended by about 75 priest.

First Bodhinatha was honored by Sivasri Pitchai Kurukkal, then he was honored by Sri Tambiram Swamigal.

Bodhinatha gives his talk. The talk was translated by Rishipati Appasamy Kuppusamy and read by Tiru Nellaiappan.

Sivasri Pitchai Kurukkal insisted that two monks also giva a short talk in addition to Bodhinatha. Acharya Arumuganathaswami spoke first, with the translation by Yoginathaswami. Dr. Abhiramasundaram, the M.C. of the event, is at left.

Being overwhelmed by what Kauai Aadheenam and Bodhinatha have done for the preservation the Saiva Agamas, Sivasri Arunasundara Sivachariyar (second from the left) composed a poem in Sanskrit acknowledging their gratitude. He apparently stayed up until 3 am to finish it. Stay tuned for the proper translation. In summary, the poem tells how eons ago Siva gave the sages the 28 primary Agamas to the sages. Yesterday (July 16th) was a golden day because Siva came again in the form of Bodhinatha gave the Sivachariyars the Agamas again. This gift raised the Sivachariyars to sagely position and now they have to carry the responsibility to live up to that position. In explaining the poem in Tamil, the Sivachariyar declared that Bodhinatha became their guru by returning the Saiva Agamas back to them.

All the speakers that spoke that day, including Tambiram Swamigal, couldn’t help themselves from spending at least several minutes expressing their gratitude to Bodhinatha.

After later in the day Bodhinatha met with some associates.

Sheela Venkatakrishnan (second from left) has been a long time supporter and does a lot of sivathondu for Kauai Aadheenam on various projects in India. Here she is with her mom and brother for a darshan meeting with Bodhinatha.

We met also Sri Venkatesan’s family. Venkatesan is our Kauai county engineer that help with Iraivan work on the weekends.

Keshanta Samskara

Saiva Siddhanta Church Golden Gate Mission keshanta samskara (Coming of Age) for Bhajana Param.

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