Sun Two

Yesterday the Ekadanta Kulam of one, Saravananathaswami, gave his weekly report:

* processing incoming Master Course Self-Evaluation Study worksheets and discussing progress with students
* new paper mail processing
* recording incoming Satguru Purnima rededications, which includes checking if they request to prepare for diksha, and then communicating about it.
* some planning for November visit to Mauritius and Malaysia
* coordinations for six swamis visiting in July for one day from Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Math
* observing how our parking lot fills up after bringing tour parking reservations back up to 20.
* video skype call with sishya in Mauritius so I could share his screen to identify a specific issue on SSC website that needed fixing.
* Mauritius Kulapati council meeting agenda coordination.
* coordinating couple aspects of next trip stop in Singapore and vishesha diksha in Chidambaram
* updating and reprinting Iraivan Pada Yatra self-guided tour map
* entering new SSC membership and diksha dates in our database, and preparing news article for SSC website.
* follow up communications with members and students to help them take their next steps on the path
* adding news and tweaks to new Saiva Siddhanta Church website .
* communications with people about pilgrimage and entering that info in visitor calendar.
* scanning old paper documents

Anna Purna Garden Summer Crops

While we don’t have snow in Hawaii we do have our cool and hot season. The spring plantings for the warm time of year are now up and flourishing. This is yellow-stemmed swiss chard.

Young okra plants just getting started.



Red Swiss Chard

Red Okra ready for picking. Ayurveda considers okra an excellent food for brain health.

A four-foot tall replica of Pancha Mukha Ganapati, stand in the middle of the garden blessing all the monks’ food.

Word of the Day

Five Murthi Set Available in the Mini Mela Gift Shop

Custom made in India for the Mini Mela Gift Shop, this set of five murthis was designed by Gurudeva as the official home shrine for Himalayan Academy students. The Deities are made with five traditional metals and are sized according to the Agamas for a home shrine. The set includes:

Lord Siva Nataraja
Shiva Lingam
Lord Ganesha
Lord Muruga

The set does not include the wooden shrine or the other puja items. If you are interested in a wooden shrine like this please email [email protected]

The set of five Deities is available at the Kauai Mini Mela Gift Shop or online at (Click on Deities.) Free shipping via USPS!

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