Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-08-30

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Tiwari Family With Bodhinatha

Piyush Tiwari with wife Doli and daughter Ganga have been on Kauai for a month. They are originally from Rajasthan and now live in Honolulu.

Piyush is a child psychologist who got a job in Kauai for one month.

New Phase Begins

Homa by Siddhanathaswami today.

Special guests, Dr. Hiranya Gowda, and his wife from Nashville, Tennessee. They are long-time supporters of Iraivan and Hinduism Today. They have been especially strong donors to the Hinduism Today distribution fund, giving away thousands of free copies to others through the years including subscriptions for readers in India. Dr. Gowda believe Hinduism Todayh is a force to make people more spiritual and to give them an in-depth understanding of their faith.

Another wonderfully incisive talk by Bodhinatha. Inspired by his visit to Niagra Falls, he reads from Gurudeva’s “River of Life” and delivers a lucid bhashya on the nature of attachments and letting go.

World Wide Web Visitors from Afar

We have been analyzing the statistics of our website. A few surprises there! During the last month, the most dedicated student of Gurudeva’s teachings came from Szekesfehervar, Hungary. That cybercadet came back 34 times and spent hours many hours browsing, reading and studying.

Gurudeva’s teachings touch people all over the world. Hello Hungary! Szia!

Word of the Day

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