A Thank You for 2011 Mahasamadhi

A devotee sends thoughts on the Mahasamadhi Observances for our Gurudeva, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, October 20-24, 2011, Kauai.

Dear Devas,

I am sitting quietly the day after the last day of our observance of our dear Gurudeva's transition ten years ago, Am feeling so full that often words are hard to come by. So many loving souls reunited after short and long periods of time, as if the continuum of our common bond was never ended, just put on hold by time and space. I see faces, shining in radiance, beaming with joy, voices expressing gratitude which brings lumps to the throat and bursting of the heart. It must be a beautiful show for those endowed with the vision to see!

There were devotees from Malaysia, from Singapore, from Mauritius, our northern neighbor Canada, as well as from many parts of the United States. We received such abundant and loving hosting (and feeding!) from our Kauai families who provided transportation, prepared delicious repasts and shared the fragrant and luminous flowers of the islands. And there was our beloved Bodhinatha, quietly and self-effacingly inwardly drawing our awarenesses to our souls, gently, gently, invisibly. Our mathavasis with lessons and stories, working in the background, and perhaps communicating silently while commingling with us as we shared bits of our everyday lives.

The mantle had been passed, and now worn with a transparent authority and continuity--our sampradaya as is our Iraivan, built to last a thousand years and beyond.

Aum Sivaya Sivayanama Aum

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