Paintings of the Monastery's Mountain View

A couple days ago two local artists visited Kauai's Hindu Monastery to paint our beautiful view of Mount Waialeale and the Wailua River.

Here is a watercolor by Emily Miller.

This piece by Helen Turner, focusing on the Nani Ka'ua pond and albizia forest on the Wailua River, is done in pastels.

Plein air art, that which is done out in nature, is a bit of an extreme sport, they say. Painting a live view is a race against time and light!

Both artists are considering studio paintings of this, one of the most magnificent views on Kauai, based on photos we have provided. Stay tuned!

3 Responses to “Paintings of the Monastery's Mountain View”

  1. Amma Debora says:

    Two wonderful pieces of art – and I can just feel what the artists felt from their point of view at the Monastery… Blessed place!

  2. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:


  3. Helen Turner says:

    Pastel is the most immediate of mediums for plein air work, but as I painted, I was thinking of doing this view in oil.I have several canvas’s I’m considering, one is long and narrow, and the other, a large rectangle..which one which one..
    It was a beautiful, peaceful morning, thank you for letting us come and paint!
    Aloha, Helen

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