The Rainiest Place on Earth!

Tropical storms are amazing, wet, powerful, sustained. One is hitting our island the last few days, full of thunder that sends cats scurrying and lightening that makes the night like midday for a tenth of a second. Did you know that thunder is caused when lightening turns the channel through which it travels to a 36,000 degree furnace? The resulting shockwave hits the denser and colder surrounding air, and creates the sonic boom. (OK, scientists now think there may be an electromagnetic component to all this) Rains of this intensity usually come in November and December, so this is unusual. We have had some 5-12 inches of rain each day, flooding our ponds, drowning our plants, reshaping our roads and giving us waterfalls never seen before. the little Nani Kaua Falls on the pond below has 30,000 gallons of water flowing over it EVERY SECOND! So, we wondered, how much rain is falling on our 363 acres. Taking 10 inches as the rainfall, we calculate 101,000,000 gallons, A DAY! How much is that? Enough to fill 6,700 tanker trucks OK, we collect up one days' rainfall and, using our Idea Factory employees, put it in 12-ounce bottles. Then we sell Kauai Pure Rainwater for 1 cent a bottle (with the bottles donated this can work). At these prices, we corner the bottled water market for a few days and sell every single bottle. We clear $10,800,000. A Day! Enjoy the slideshow and know we are still knowing this is Siva's Perfect Universe.

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