Thondunathan Visits Sri Lanka Orphanages


I just came back from visiting the Batticaloa Yogaswami Girls Home and two other boys homes there. It was heart warming to see the growth of the children from my last visit and also the development of these institutions. The Yogaswami Girl's Home is in fact attracting volunteers. In our girls home there were two teachers from England staying there for a month and teaching english. I also attended few public events. My sincere thanks to those who support these institutions. Enclosing are some photos for you to enjoy.

Aum Shanthi,

Rishi Thondunathan

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One Response to “Thondunathan Visits Sri Lanka Orphanages”

  1. Tharushihan Muhunthan says:

    Long live Thondunathan Aiyaa…………
    The Saivism deserved his service.

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