Tropical Marvels: Bugs, Vines and Little Lizards

We went wandering today with our camera. It was a "Gekco Hunt" to capture images of the ever fascinating little dragons that run all over the place. Technically we have photos today of Lizards and the Head of the Lizard Association of Kauai is adamant about telling everyone "We are not to be confused with Gekcos! We Lizards have the power to completely change our colors. Those weak skinned Gekcos can barely change from a light shade of brown to beige! But we can change from Bright Green to Lava Rock Black in a few seconds!"

Well, I have to be honest then, our Gekco Hunt turned about to be a Lizard Shoot. Lizards are more fun to photograph anyway, as they have a sense of curiousity about "The Big Human Who Is Watching Me," and rapid clicking of the shutter only makes them more interested in watching the Watcher.

Along the way we spied a bee getting pollen for her little sisters back home and the magnificent Jade Vine in full bloom, hanging from high up in a tree like some incredible arati lamp made of blue fire falling from a green canopy above.

2 Responses to “Tropical Marvels: Bugs, Vines and Little Lizards”

  1. Nalini says:

    Beautiful! thank you

  2. Ushadevi says:

    Great photos of the lizards and a wonderful little story (reminder) of seeing Siva everywhere in all things.

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