Visit Vishnu Mandir and Sanatan Mandir Cultural Center

Today Bodhinatha made two short visits to two different mandirs. The first one was the Vishnu Mandir. It is a beautiful mandir with its wonderful museum. It is headed by Pundit Dr. Doobay. Bodhinatha gave a short talk to the congregation gathered there for their Monday Siva puja. Bodhinatha was here many years ago to preside the installation of Lord Murugan's deity.

Then we went to the Sanatan Mandir. Bodhinatha gave a talk on Siva and temple worship. Again the devotees are doing their Monday Siva worship. Most of the congregation are originally from Gujarat. They were so delighted that Bodhinatha honored their request. They extended an open invitation for Bodhinatha to visit the mandir anytime he is in Toronto. We also had the pleasure of meeting our Mauritius devotees Prabhakur Bakee and his wife who are living Toronto now.

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