Kapaa Middle School Students Visit Kauai Aadheenam

On Wednesday, April 4th. the entire sixth grade level (128 students & 8 teachers) from Kapaa Middle School descended on the monastery like a swarm of bees. The school is just a few miles from Kauai Aaadheenam. Full of energy, curiosity and even more energy once they hit the full Shakti of the temple. The visit was arranged by Monica Kawakami, who went to great efforts to arrange such a large event to include all the transportation for the students.

They heard all about the life of the monks, their gardens, their cows, their cats and their love of God. They also heard about Gurudeva's vision of God. They also could see for themselves how skilled the workers from India are who have carved the entire temple with a small bamboo handled mallet and a chisel. They were each given the Hindu History Lesson #1 as a gift from the monks to all the students. That lesson is designed to be used in 6th grade social studies class.

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