Leili Came to the Temple Today

We let our little new heifer out in the morning to wander around the temple ground, stretch her legs and get strong. This morning she walk all the way to the temple all of her own accord.

Sivanathaswami says she placed both her feet over the threshold and moo’ed into the temple. He came and place a red pottu on her head and then she stepped out. It was very auspiciious.

4 Responses to “Leili Came to the Temple Today”

  1. nalini says:

    OH MY GODDDDD! So wonderful and sweet !! Love that she moo’ed in the temple! So GREAT!! I love herrrrrrrr !! hehehehe

  2. Jutikadevi says:

    So Sacred

  3. Muni Sivananda says:

    Really reminds you of the sacradness of everything, all is Siva.

  4. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Oh! Leili you look so adorable.You are already on the straight path connecting to the Lord making your first outing to visit Kadavul. Who taught you this Leili? Blessed art thou.

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