Public Tour Day for June 22, 2012

"When are we going to see a monk?" is a common question on Public Tour Day. During phase days, when we hold the tour, the monks are all at their work stations in the various offices, behind the tour area, in the gardens or in cloistered only areas but not in plain sight. When Bodhinatha is present and not traveling we invite them to the Mini Mela after the tour to meet Him for a book signing, which is met with great anticipation. When Bodhinatha is traveling - there are no guarantees unless they happen to see Sivanathaswami walk out of the sanctum on duty in Kadavul or they happen to spot a monk walking by out on the grounds. On occasion when He is not too committed to the Hinduism Today schedule or demands Sadasivanathaswami will come and sign books. These direct encounters are very special times for our guests after hearing so much about their dedicated lives.

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