Bodhinatha visits other temples in Canada

Going back in time, having finished the Kumbabhishekam activities in Edmonton, Bodhinatha visited the Shiv Shakti Mandir in Edmonton which was established largely by Hindus from Fiji who now live in the Edmonton area. They have a large hall with very beautiful and well maintained Dieties.

His next stop was at a cultural hall which is the temporary home for the Sri Murugan Society of Alberta in the city of Calgary. The group there hosts monthly satsang and is diligently working to find a permanent site for a temple.

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  1. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Jai Satguru Bodhinatha.!.Wonderful to see these photos and to feel a part of it all though far away. I Love to see all the work that Our Guruji is doing for devotees all over the world. A Beautiful inspiration for us all.Heartfelt Gratitude Forever, Aum Aum

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