The Noble Parijatham Flower

  • Years ago the monastery gave Deva and Amala Seyon a small sacred bush Parijatham, commonly called Coral Jasmine. It grew and is blooming wildly! He sent a photo today along with his poem on it: #

  • A tiny seed passed along . . .

    Potential vast, or dried and gone

    Thy fate does lie in loving hands

    Or left to wilt by roaring time…

    But if thy will to live and grow

    Thy bounty fresh your grace I know . . .

    5 Responses to “The Noble Parijatham Flower”

    1. Esan says:

      Your poem a poignant reminder to each of us, along with the poignant scent of coral jasmine. The photo brings good memories to Sundari, who says this pavalamali grew in Sri Lanka, and young girls wore it in their hair when visiting the temple.

    2. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

      Aum Sivaya Deva JI, What a blessed work you have presented. Thank you.I breathe a breath of Gratitude beholding such beauty of the Flowers and your poem.Aum

    3. nalini says:

      SO beautiful!

    4. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

      Beautiful!I too am reminded of a plant given to me by a loving soul that grew tall into a tree with lots of fragrant such blooms that open their petals at night.By morning the blooms begin to fall onto the ground.Thank you Deva.

    5. Anjali says:

      OM Sivaya, Deva! Such a beautiful poem. I’m going to share it with my Amma. I have in my own garden, a Japanese maple tree which was given to her as a tiny “volunteer” seedling, by her dearest friend. That friend recently transitioned, after many years of illness, but part of her lovely spirit lives on in my garden!

      Thank you.

      OM Jai Ganesha, who leads us always on the Right Path.


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