Panna Nagarsenker visits from the East Coast

Panna Nagarsenker (on right) with her daughter Varsha, son-in-law and friend visited for the first time from the east coast of USA, fulfilling a wish from many years ago. Panna and her daughter wish to study our Master Course trilogy together.

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  1. Shivabhaktan says:

    Nice caption:PANNA NAGARSENKER VISITS FROM THE THE EAST COAST! So as you scroll down the first thing you see in the picture below the caption is Shiva (or Nagashankar) ensconced in the Pannaga or Vasuki the five-headed snake–atop the Iraivan gopuram. This piece of sculpture did come here fron the East or India.
    It is only when you scroll further down you see that caption refers to a lady named Panna Nagasenker at the bottom of the picture. Now is that a coincidence or Siva or what?

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