Swami Iswarananda of Chinmaya Mission Visits Aadheenam

Swami Ishwarananda Ji of the Chinmaya Mission in Los Angeles made his second visit to the Aadheenam today. He first visited ten years ago, and he barely missed meeting Gurudeva at that time. Accompanied by Sri Lankan devotees from Southern California, Swamiji told us that he came to Kauai this weekend solely to visit the monastery.

The group of thirteen attended the morning Siva puja, toured Iraivan Temple, met with Bodhinatha and met with some of the swamis of the Ganapati Kulam. The monks also served him and his entourage lunch.

Bodhinatha has always praised the good work of the Chinmaya Mission. Swami Ishwarananda is an excellent teacher and speaker, one of few that Chinmaya Mission has stationed permanently in the US. He and Bodhinatha met in November 2008 during a visit to Anaheim. Since then, Swami has moved the center to Tustin, just a few miles away, to accommodate a larger student body. Every Sunday they have 800 children and 400 adults attend their satsang and classes.

Kitchen at Suttur Mutt

The kitchen at Suttur Math (a small corner of it)

There are dozens of these vats!

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