Monastery Twitter Updates for 2012-01-04

  • A beautiful and thoughtful piece on "The Joy of Quiet" and the importance of regularly getting away from the screen. #
  • Here is your Kauai Aadheenam mushroom of the day. #
  • A premonastic returns from the river after the elder sadhakas have shaven his head. He will take his vows tomorrow. #

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Discussion 6th Grade History Books in US Schools

Acharya Arumuganathaswami is meeting with the Visswanathans about Aarti’s sixth grade history lessons on Hinduism.

The discussion was about how to encourage the teachers to explain Hinduism properly and use the materials on the history of India produced by the monks. You can get the new book online: History of Hindu India

Family Visits The Monastery

Sivakatirswami's father, Luke Batdorf and two sisters, Carelle Dwyer (in pink) and Erika Batdorf (in blue) are visiting. The sisters have not seen their brother for 35 years. It's a big day for the family. Luke is a retired consultant in the cognitive processes of learning and cross cultural training and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Carelle is a registered nurse in New Hampshire. Erika is a theater artist and professor of dramatic arts at York University in Toronto, (see her site

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