Monastery Twitter Updates for 2012-01-07

  • Ardra has begun. Today the moon, earth and sun line up, pointing to the center of the galaxy. Tomorrow is the grand abhishekam to Nataraja! #

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Ardra Puja Preparations Underway

Maha Ardra Darshanam puja is tomorrow and monks and members are making preparations and decorating today.
Here are the ladies making tolanam, coconut frond hanging decorations.

In the temple Tandu Sivanathan prepares his always masterfully designed large flower arrangements on the columns of the temple.

Satya Palani On the Job

Satya Palani is here for the ceremonies and also getting his feet into a new job for the Aadheenam which will be to act as the project manager for the media lab renovation we hope to begin later this year.

The will also be tiling the new Siddhidata Kulam office over our coming retreat.

Continuing Stream of Visitors

Left to right. Young couple from Gujarat via Indiana. Sudhir & Preeti Mathur from Edmonton who met Gurudeva in 2000 there. A Young couple from the Big Apple and devotees at the Maha Vallaba Ganesha Temple in Flushing. Raj Kumar Bhardwaj from London who is so inspired he is returning with his parents and younger brother later this year after reading the Trilogy. A local lady with a visiting friend from Japan. A local Yoga teacher (2nd from right) with a small group of students. A very attentive group.

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