Ardra Darshana

On January 8, Ardra Darshana, also known as Tiruvembavai, a festival honoring Lord Siva, was celebrated in grand style at Kadavul Hindu Temple. This holy day falls every year during this month on Ardra nakshatra, when the moon, earth and sun line up and together point towards the center of our galaxy. So when the full moon rose on this day, we turned our back on it and looked to the setting sun to be looking directly toward the center of the galaxy. Simlarly, when the sun rose the next morning, we could meditate on it and know the center was now in this direction. According to the deva teachings Gurudeva brought us in Lemurian Scrolls, when "galactic weather" is favorable, Lord Siva's blessings pour toward us as rays from our galactic center. This is what we prayed for, invoked and enjoyed today. It was on this sacred astronomical day centuries ago that Lord Nataraja granted His vision to Saints Patanjali and Vyagrapada at Chidambaram Temple in South India, and thereafter became known as Ardra Darshana.

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