Media Studio Ceiling

As the renovation of the Ganapati Kulam publications building proceeds through its design phases, a great enthusiasm is building. We are getting to the point that plans can be submitted in the weeks ahead to the Kauai Planning Department. It's a dense space, but elegant and functional.

Plans are to take the amazingly nondescript and architecturally absent ceiling that we now have (and have had for some 30 years) and change it into a wooden ceiling, hand made from our own Blue Gum timbers.

For months now Adi Srikanta has been hand planing the 600+ pieces needed for this. In the final photo of this slideshow we see a pile of shavings from this morning's session, and behind a stack of finished wood. There are about two dozen such stacks!
Yesterday Tandu Sivanatha joined, applying a clear finish to the pieces. It's a massive undertaking, and fortunately many hands are coming forward to assist.

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