Fort Worth Temple Bhumi Puja

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Muruganathaswami attended the Bhumi puja (land blessing) for the Hindu Temple of Greater Fort Worth in Texas this morning. The building committee members of this upcoming temple came to Bodhinatha seeking advice several years ago, asking him to perform the role that Gurudeva performed for three dozen temples around the world. Bodhinatha has been working closely with them, reviewing and commenting on their building plans, helping make important connections with reputable temple architects, answering questions about the mystical workings of the temple and settling difficult questions.

Bodhinatha reports: "The event started with Ganapati puja, then a homa for the eight protective Deities and all the Deities who will have shrines in the temple. Three priests were involved and did an excellent job. Some 600 devotees were in attendance. Next was a series of short talks: by me, Swami Sarveshananda from Chinmaya Mission Dallas and our congressperson-to-be Tulsi Gabbard. The pancha shilanyasa, brick laying ceremony, followed, and finally an hour of dancing and singing by the youth.

Today is a momentous and auspicious day for what will be a large, beautiful temple, and the only one on the far west side of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, a 9,300-square-mile area encompassing twelve counties and over 6.5 million people.

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