Gurudeva Is Still With Me

From a Devotee

Who says he is not here?
It is just that
my eyes cannot see his face
my ears hear not his voice
and that hurts ...
Yet, his presence is strong ...
his laugh breaks through the screens of gloom
his eyes peer through the veil of tears
"I'll be seeing you" -
he has given his word
for sure, he will break it not.
His powerful voice
so potent, so charged
awakens all that lay asleep
shaking loose the grime and grit
of yesteryears and lives before this
And yet, my heart still yearns
to feel the touch of your feet
so full of life
overflowing with love
just that one moment ..
Oh! so precious, so dear
You have given so much of yourself
Why do I ask for more?
"Infinite beings are you," you taught
Is that why my wants are too?
Still, all I want is to be with you
Hold me close, Gurudeva,
don't ever let me go
however blind, deaf or stubborn I be
don't ever let me go
all I can offer in return
for the trouble I put you through
is a heart filled with love for you
a mind filled with gratitude for you
a body that wishes to serve you
and a soul that is you
all you, only you!

Mahasamadhi Day Three Gurudeva Arati

Today we celebrate another full day of gurudeva's light and blessings. It is delightful to have a satsang with all his spiritual children.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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