Milling Progress

The woodshop continues to be bustling with activity, as our team fine tunes the wood elements for the ceiling of the new media studio. Here are some of the pieces, made from rainbow eucalyptus.

Words from a Muruga Bhaktar

How sweetly He smiles
my dear Lord Murugan
reflection true of what is
in my heart
My face may, perchance,
show it not

At the start He seemed serious
just as surely I was
anxiety, anticipation
a little trepidation
so many feelings
so many thoughts

He stands unadorned
just a single cloth on Him
ready to accept all that is offered
gross, dense, sweet and sour
ash and water when they are poured

Blessed are those who draw near
touch Him as they are touched
one chants, one invokes
sacred words ring so true
subtle gestures have powers too
another carries His Vel
while he who proudly bears that name
bears the holy waters
with which He will bathe

I watch as in my mind
I offer much the same
my dense thoughts, actions gross
big and small, however they come
poured at His Holy Feet
Out pour the sour feelings
and emotions sweet
unplugged by hours
at the Guru's Lotus Feet

Washed clean I stand
as the waters on Him pour
preparing for the days ahead
strengthened by His words of solace
encouraged by actions Brave
as He slays the demons
that held me in sway

He now stands, shining
holding His blazing Vel
dressed in stately garbs
befitting the Prince of Hearts
that He is!
The drums beat
conches blow
cymbals clang
'tis the silence inside
that is unbearbly loud
Flames pass over His Face
and He smiles
and then
He smiles a little bit more

And, I smile too
and even dare to chuckle
at the drama and dance
that the egos serve
for the souls to progress
finally to merge
sparks into the Light
drops into the Ocean -
Knowing this He smiles!

How sweetly He smiles
my dear Lord Murugan
reflection true of what is
in my heart
Now, knowing why He smiles
my face smiles too!

Infinite love and eternal gratitude

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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