Gurudeva the Mystical Alchemist

Gurudeva: Mystical Alchemist

An alchemist is one who transforms, combines and makes new things, a magician/scientist who could turn lead into gold.

First, he turned a young ballet dancer into an embodiment of Siva
Then he turned a band of green boys into a renowned yoga order
He turned a decrepit Hawaiian resort into an endowed aadheenam
He turned a bunch of squabbling families into a spiritual fellowship
He turned our stubborn karmas to dust
He turned lazy seekers into eager beavers
He turned a world of self-deprecating Hindus into defenders of the faith
He turned monastery disharmony into harmony and cooperation
He turned global Hindu disparateness into global identity
He turned awkward articulation of Hinduism into Hinduism Today
He turned Sri Lankan estrangement into dozens of functional communities
He turned a longing for temple worship in to 37 temples worldwide
He turned wife and child abuse into positive discipline
He turned a grassy field into a holy Siva temple.
He turned a conversion-threatened Mauritian population into a renaissance powerhouse.
He turned a few dying Saivite embers into a blazing sun of Sivaness
He turned Kauai's ennui into a spiritual vision and the island's divisive ethnicities into an aloha spirit
And now is turning our lives from lead to gold, turning our consciousness from night to day'

A Satsang with Sadasivanathaswami

Today Paramacharya gave a delightful discourse for pilgirms

Welcome Kumar Gurukkal

Formerly a priest at Murugan Temple in Lanham, Maryland, Kumar Gurukkal is now head priest at Hindu Temple of Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has come to lend his expertise and skill to help us honor Gurudeva.

2012 Gurudeva Mahasamadhi Day 2

This morning began with chanting, singing, arati, and a silent meditation in Gurudeva's presence.

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