Recent Guest Days at the Aadheeenam (November Tours)

November was a very busy month with many born Hindu guests coming during the Thanksgiving week. One family reported they arrived on Kauai early one morning with no knowledge of the Temple being here. When they reported to the car rental agent that they couldn't check into their hotel until 3:00pm in the afternoon, the agent said "Why don't you go up to the Hindu Temple for the morning" - "Hindu temple? - on Kauai?" So they did and were very pleasantly suprised!

Saiva Siddhanta Church Mauritius December Ganesha homa

Click here for report and photos of homa at our Spiritual Park

Vadapalli and Srinivasan Families on Pilgrimags

Recent Pilgrims

Roshan Sivayogam Comes for Task Force

Roshan Sivayogam is from Kajang in Malaysia. We have known him since he was 19 years old when he first start studying Gurudeva's teachings back in the last 1980's. He has come for Task Force and will be serving with the Siddhidata Kulam for 3 weeks. Roshan timed his visit to be here for the annual Maha Ardra Abhishekam of Lord Nataraja.

Work Continues on the Media Studio

Here our team assembles for the day, right after the morning Ganapati Kulam meeting. Left to right: Adi Srikantha, Shailesh Trivedi, Deva Rajan, Jnanideva Cevvel, Vayudeva Varadan and Nigel Siva. 

Quarry Stones

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