December Mauritius Saivite Teachings Report

Click here for report and photos of Himalayan Academy's Saivite Study Session for Master Course students and Orientation for newcomers

December Holidays Bringing Big Crowds

Our December 21st tour day brought over 100 people.

Malaysia Pancha Ganapati Group Celebration

In addition to celebrating Panchaganapati at home each day from Dec 21-25, some of our sishyas also gather with relatives and friends to celebrate as a group and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Click here for photos, Part One     Click here for photos, Part Two

Happy Pancha Ganapati Day Four!

The fourth shakti is an outpouring from having held fast to the first three. It is a combination of the first two shaktis, stabilized by the third. The fourth shakti of Lord Ganesha brings through the creative-intuitive mind -- the love of culture and all that it brings, religious formalities and the respect and appreciation of discipline. Here we find the vibration of religion, which brings as a boon creativity in music, art, drama and the dance. It is through these refining rays that religious life is adhered to and congested forces are braided together in a harmonious pattern for a glorious future. It is through the fourth shakti that religious practices are performed consistently and the refinements of the past are carried into the future. It also extends to devotion toward one's ancestors and all forms of positive community participation.

Twitter Update: Happy Pancha Ganapati from the celebration satsang…

Happy Pancha Ganapati from the celebration satsang with Bodhinatha in Carlsbad, CA. A-7OlcICUAAOaJN

Mr. Suthaker visits Kauai Aadheenam

Mr. Suthaker, President of the Maha Ganapathi Temple of Edmonton Canada, came to visit Shanmuganathaswami in the PK this morning. They spoke on the value of Hindu Heritage Endowment in the long term growth and stability of Hindu Temples.

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