Moving Ganapati Kulam's Old Trailer

Arumuganathaswami is working hard to create a trailer hitch for the kulam's old trailer that is getting moved, as the renovated Media studio will no longer need it. The new entrance to the building will be where it is currently attached to.

Bronze Crafting

There are 29 official steps in the making of a bronze sculpture, and dozens of craftsmen. After Holly Young completed the almost-a-year-long wax sculpting, she made molds and sent them to Colorado. There many hands went to work to create our Sri Ganapati Sthapati, master architect. Here a small part of the larger team gathers to celebrate the completion of the work.

Preparing for the Launch of Himalayan Academy's New Website

The Media Studio's Renovation project has forced the Kulam's monks out of there old desks, into this small trailer to continue their pressing work. The new Himalayan Academy website is less then a day from launch and they are working non-stop to make sure everything is working correctly. The page you are looking at right now is about to have a complete makeover.

All New Himalayan Academy Web Site

We are proud to announce the release of the new website. We want to thank every one for all their support these past two years - the time it has taken to build the site and all the resources that it encompasses.

The Sun Sets Over Kauai Aadheenam

Last night we had an incredible sunset, its radiant light only lasting a few minutes. Just like a flower, its impermanence adds to its beauty.

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