Views of Iraivan Temple

Fabulous Photos of Iraivan Temple

Recent task forcer, Nigel Sivam from Maryland took these lovely photos of Iraivan. Thanks Nigel!

8 Responses to “Views of Iraivan Temple”

  1. Anil Ananda Badhwar says:

    So wonderful. Watching the temple going towards completion. Have no words for expressing how I feel when i see the pictures.

  2. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Aum Sivaya
    The best shots so far.Beautiful & serene.Thank you.

  3. Leonora Orr says:

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  4. Jakob Doctorsnakeman Sulzer says:

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  5. Donny Jones says:

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  6. Brintha Devi says:

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  7. Justin Hulsey says:

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  8. Nalini Ganapati says:

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