Hinduism Today India Edition Meetings with Ashok Kapoor

The Ganapati Kulam just completed two days of meetings with Ashok Kapoor who is in the lead of communications between our new Hinduism Today India Edition team and the Kauai Aadheenam Hinduism Today International office. Askok came for a visit, along with his business partner Sunny Johar. Ashok is founder and owner of Banner India Consultants and has a strong background in publishing. His father published a newspaper and Ashok grew up inside the journalism business. He also ran several publications in North India before starting his own consulting company. He is highly motivated to see Hinduism Today make a difference in India.

Sunny Johar belongs to a Hindu family who came back to India after the Taliban took over Kabul, where her father was a known businessman, trader and advisor to the former president. Sunny is active in spiritual pursuits and looks on this trip as a pilgrimage.

The team at home has been working these past two weeks assembling a special edition of Hinduism Today which will be the Inaugural India Edition set to launch on April 13th, which is Baisakhi in North India and New Year in other states.

We also had a Skype session with Ratan Mani Lal in Lucknow, who is another major leader and force in Indian journalism. He has headed editorial operations in The Times of India (Lucknow), Hindustan Times (Lucknow) and Dainik Bhaskar (Central Editorial, Bhopal & State Editor, Chhattisgarh). Ratan Lal will also be key player in the India Edition of Hinduism Today operations and may write the opening editorial. He is also president of India's Media and Communications Research Foundation (MCRF)

Ajay and Lata Krishnan Shah

Ajay and Lata Krishnan Shah visited briefly today. This is their son Rohan with three of his best friends at Stanford university.


Lata joins in on the left

Bodhinatha signed a copy of our Hindu History book for them

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