Siva Poem and Our March 2012 Two-Minute News Video

When a Sivabhaktar in India recently received a gifted mala made of Kauai-grown Rudraksha seeds, she was moved to wonder, “Siva, why are you crying those fabled tears?” She wrote a poem we share today:
Beads Wet, Beads Sweet
“Why do You cry?”
I asked Him
“Why are there tears in Your eye?”
The Lord of lords
the Life of our lives
the Word in sound
the Dance in movement
the Everything in nothing
the All in all
looked at me and in Silence said –
“I gave you all everything
all of you hold all of me
and yet something makes you forget
who you are
where you come from
and, where you are going.
You choose to suffer when you could celebrate
You choose to resent when you could rejoice
You choose to resist when you could accept
And then you complain incoherently
beg and plead for liberation!
Who ties you down? Where are your bonds?
Who created the shackles that hold you back?
I feel your pain even before you sense it
It hurts me so
I cry to see my gifts wasted and thrown away!
My Third Eye flashes and I see your future misery
should you hold to your habits of yore
Open your eyes, awake
Let your senses do what they were given to do
Step away and stand aside, out of your own way
Align your will with Mine
All will be well, as it always is
Let my tears wash away
the debris collected from births before
Stand fresh and clean in the moment
and you will see the smile,
the smile in my Other eye!”
Aum Namah Sivaya
Sivaya Namah Aum!
Our March 2012 news video covers events in February 2012, including the festivals of Thai Pusam and Mahasivaratri, progress on Iraivan Temple carving in India, an interfaith event Bodhinatha spoke at in West Texas, and the translation of Lemurian Scrolls into Russian.

Behold The Sacred Lotus Flower – Publisher's Desk

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami reads his editorial from the Apr/May/Jun 2012 edition of Hinduism Today magazine. Progressing from our instinctive to intellectual to spiritual nature, our soul unfolds to resplendence like a beautiful lotus.

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