Dasan Mahadevan Receives Vishesha Diksha

Today was an auspicious one. Another soul took a major step on the Saiva Neri in his evolution along the path of San Marga, walking steadily forward towards his divine destiny of merging with Siva.

Dasan Mahadevan received his Vishesha Diksha. This initiation marks his entry onto the Kriya Marga stage of Saiva Siddhanta. He now has the spiritual responsibility to perform daily Siva Puja and joins the family of sishya of Saiva Siddhanta Church who are most deeply committed to sadhana and the service of the mission of the Kailasa Parampara. It is on this foundation of daily worship and unwavering clarity of purpose that the sishya can begins the practice of deeper raja yoga in his spirituallife. Jai to Dasan Mahadevan!

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