Jaya Sivaraja On His Way home

Woody Waits (recently given the name Jaya Sivaraja) has completed his six-month visit to learn about the monastic path and our monastic order in particular. He returns to Seattle, Washington area tomorrow, to think over his life and decide whether to pursue family life or monastic life. After some time, he will inform us of his decision.

If his spiritual intentions are fulfilled, he will be pursuing his full conversion to Hinduism, finishing his Master Course study, and receiving his Namakarana Samskara as Jaya Sivaraja.

We thank him for his presence and all his service over the past six months, and wish him well.

Nat Whitten Visits with Sann and Auston

Nat Whitten on the left is Senthilnathaswami’s brother. He is visiting from Seattle with his family, Sann on the right and young Auston, Sann’s nephew.

Meeting with everyone in our Media studio.

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