New Upadesha Posted

For those who may not have noticed, we posted a new upadesha from Bodhinatha yesterday. Click the link on the right for his recent talks. More to come this week as we are catching up all past audio given by Bodhinatha.

Thanks to Minimela Sevaks


Yesterday Bodhinatha, Shanmuganathswami, Siddhanathaswami and Sadhaka Mayuranatha hosted a pizza lunch with all our Wailua Mission members who are so diligently serving here at Kauai Aadheenam at our Minimela Information center. By some counts the visitor traffic sometimes climbs to 3000 visitors each month. These are not all coming on a single day, but a steady stream of daily traffic, all of whom pass through our Minimela center where they are served by these shining faces and these sishya spend hours behind the counter taking care of everyone’s needs.

Thanks to all these sishya and to all the sishya around world who are performing Sivathondu, sacrificing and tithing time, many hours each week without fail for the mission of the Kailasa Paramapara. Week after week, month after month, year after year. These are the strong souls we know we can depend on! And we know there a many more than in this picture in our various missions around the world.

Mahalo and Nandri to The Servants of the Servants of Siva!

“Thondar Nangaley,
“Siva Thondar Nangaley!”

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